Counseling Psychology           Northwest University, 2010



Licensed Mental                          Health Counselor                           Department of Health


Psi Chi Honors Society






Counseling Approach:

I am a Mental Health Counselor that works with individuals at my private practice in Seattle, WA. I see individuals for trauma, PTSD, abuse, anxiety, depression, bipolar, and relationship issues.

I am a trained Lifespan Integration (LI) therapist and have been using this modality since 2009. I am also a consultant for other therapists that have been trained in this theory. Lifespan Integration is a brain-changing therapy that focuses on both the mind and the body, and I use this as my main modality of treatment. 

I work well with all the above listed issues, and in addition, things I typically find people coming to me for are : setting better boundaries; finding their "voice"; learning who they are; partners of narcissists; and people pleasers. 

The nature of this website is to provide information for those individuals seeking help that do not need immediate crisis care. If you are needing immediate assistance there are a few 24 hour crisis resources below to call : 

King County Crisis Clinic : 206.461.3222 or 1.866.4crisis

or Call 911 if you are in an emergency